Oil Tank Removal

I got a surprise the other day. I have decided to sell my house . I discovered I have a buried oil tank on the property. Turns out I have to have it removed before I can sell the house. Life is full of little surprises, aint it? I have called around for quotes and have decided to give SteveRich Contracting a try. They came and gave me a quote right away and they are going to remove it on Monday.
SteveRich crew showed up at 8:3O AM as promised. It was decided the job would be done by hand as there was no access for their excavator. Didn't seem to matter.Those boys knew what end of the shovel to use. In no time at all the tank was exposed and the top cut off. There was about 3 inches of oil left in it. At this point they called out a Vacuum tank truck to get rid of the old oil. Next step was to cut the tank out in sections. To my relief there was no leakage over the years so no contamination had to be removed. Next a truck showed up and dumped a load of sand here to make up for the tank displacement. They then used a tamper to pack the sand down then put the remaining earth back in. Overall I would say I was quite impressed with SteveRich contracting. Price was good the service included everything from city permits to tank disposal. I would recommend them highly.
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